Odour Control
and Air Management Systems

Following a fire or flood, or in damp and humid conditions, odour can be a problem and needs to be addressed.

Public areas such as theatres, cinemas or in food preparation areas and businesses, in hospitals & other health and care establishments, odour control is absolutely essential for the health and well being of residents, visitors and guests.

Tackle the cause not the effect

Odour is often a sign that bacteria is present in the environment and the causes of the odour, so the bacterial infestation needs to be addressed, otherwise you will purely mask the odour rather than treat the cause of the odour.

Additionally, worn, old carpets and furnishings can provide a damp, stale atmosphere which can harbour bacteria in the property, which can breed and cause unpleasant odour in the living or working environment.


The Rainbow network

A complete range of odour control and air management systems are available throughout the Rainbow network, which will not only remove the odour, but eliminate the source by eradicating the bacteria that cause the problem.

Odour Control at a glance...

  • Air sanitising systems
  • Air purification systems
  • Odour decontamination and removal
  • Ozone chambers
  • Dry cleaning & laundry services
  • Wet fogging systems
  • Surface sanitising systems

Odour Control Case Studies


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