Rainbow Cambridge are experts within both the domestic and commercial markets solving or managing mould and damp issues within your property. We pride our selves in holding market leading expertise and using the latest equipment such as thermal imaging to provide non invasive and independent surveys. These surveys often highlight and solve issues that you had previously found insolvable. Our surveyors provide customers with a compressive written survey, this document will highlight what we believe the issues to be and how we would recommend they be solved. Our surveys are NOT quotes, we are happy to provide our professional mould remediation service however we are not trying to enlarge issues through this survey in the hope of a larger job later. In-fact Our surveys often highlight that there is actually no need for building/preventative works to take place and try to help the customer better understand the causing factors behind the mould and what they can do within the house for free to lower the risk of high levels of mould contamination.

Mould and Damp Surveys at a Glance

  • Written survey
  • Physical inspection by our qualified technicians
  • Highlighting mould issues and prevention/management tactics
  • Chronological plan to put you or your tenants property back in order and lower the risk to health from mould
  • Experts at those complex and seemingly insolvable issues
  • We use a combination of the latest tech and long term experience to identify and prevent mould
  • Independent mould report
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive technology

Here at Rainbow Cambridge we can organise for our qualified technicians to attend site at the appropriate time within the remediation plan the professionally remediate the mould at your property.

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Mould issues within the property due to flooding?

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